Home Decor Trends 2019—–Trend 2: Retro Fusion

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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Home Decor Trends 2019—–Trend 2: Retro Fusion

Home Decor Trends 2019

Trend 2: Retro Fusion

This nostalgic trend celebrates and reimagines Mid-Century interiors and designs from a bygone era. We have named this Retro Fusion to highlight the diversity of the term retro – from the colour palette of the 70s, to the scalloped shapes of Art Deco through to 50’s signature furniture styles this trend covers it all.

If it’s a classic from a bygone era, it’s big news this season.

Key colours: Mustard, Night Watch green, tan

Key materials: Velvet, wood and buff leather

Mustard is a key colour in interiors this year. Pinterest reveals search for this deliciously retro shade is up 45 per cent and growing.

In previous season we were seeing mustard paired with the Scandi neutrals, for this season this warming shade is matched perfectly with richer jewel tones.

High street hero Next are mixing things up with retro curved lines on upholstered furniture pieces and intricate detailing on rich wooden furniture pieces.

This colour palette, put together by Dulux shows how the many rich tones within this trend can work together in perfect harmony.

‘Spiced Honey is a Queen Bee of colour,’ explains Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux. ‘She doesn’t work alone to make Honey and so she needs workers to help her. There is a supporting palette of 9 colours that work effortlessly with her to create many beautiful looks. In some palettes she plays a lead role and some just a supporting one. We think that most people will be happy with just a touch of Spiced Honey in decorative details like a colour block, furniture or a painted ceiling.

Habitat are leading the way with retro geometric prints on everything from rugs to statement wall art.

Pinterest revealed ‘Geometric Paint’ as a search term is up 225 per cent, year on year. This indicates an emerging trend for being creative with walls, giving them a retro vibes with new paint techniques.

Bauhaus is renowned for it’s clean lines and simple, yet stylish aesthetic. As this year celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus we look to the high street to celebrate this classic look. ‘At home, to achieve a practical yet modern aesthetic, in line with the Bauhaus philosophy, opt for contemporary design pieces with clean lines’ says Philippa Prinsloo, Partner & Head of Design Home at John Lewis & Partners.