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exotic design

Exotic design is an elegant and eclectic slyte in interior design, that successfully combines the imprints of various cultures: African exotic, Indian motifs, Egyptian art and Empire.

scandinavian design

Characterized by clean lines, soft edges and intuitive functionality, Scandinavian modern design is eternally timeless and timely. What's become known as the Ikea aesthetic started in the early 20th century, sparked from the Nordic countries and influencing such design movements as midcentury modern and Memphis.  

retro industrial design

Retro industrial style is an approach to design that highlights agedness, rawness, utilitarianism, and roughness. This design trend rose to popularity several years ago, but it has remained steadily popular since then. 

contemporary style

Clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details characterize contemporary design.Contemporary lighting is key to illuminating the room's design which provide a sleek finish and clean look.

classic chic design

The classic chic décor brings the simplicity and create the tranquility of a home, which has made giant waves in the world of interior design over the last two decades. The spirit of this style is all about comfort, eco-conscious décor choices, and a blend of vintage and antique finds with modern touches.


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