What is happening in lighting trends for 2021?

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March 11, 2019
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What is happening in lighting trends for 2021?

What is happening in lighting trends for 2021?

There are some clear clues about what is happening in lighting decor trend for 2021. Interesting shapes are showing up in wovens, natural elements, in silver metallic finish and combined materials.

Geometric shapes are dominating all the new looks and finishes. We have seen many geometric shapes lightings which give home a modern look. It adds a sense of structure and order to your home while making it trendy.

In contemporary lighting design it is very common to work with natural elements. In that field, nature-inspired design not only includes the use of natural materials, but also the adaption of natural elements in terms of shape.

Natural materials are being recreated in ceramic for sustainable living.

The next emerging finish is soft metallic finish which we have seen sections of many showrooms.

Combing different materials and textures is one of the biggest trends now, like wood and metal, steel and ceramic, fabric and metal etc.

This is collection home decoration trend will lead in 2021.