Home Decor Trends 2019—–Trend 3: Soft Tropics

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March 11, 2019
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March 11, 2019
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Home Decor Trends 2019—–Trend 3: Soft Tropics

Home Decor Trends 2019

Trend 3: Soft Tropics

This uplifting trend is a joyous celebration of nature. The botanical prints are delivered in a softer format, diluted by a desaturated colour palette this season. There’s a strong painterly element to a lot of the designs, making the look feel less imposing that out-and-out tropical palms.

Palm prints are the key motif throughout this look, whether real or as part of a fabric or wallpaper design.

Key colours: Leaf green, Mustard, nude pink and blue

Key materials: Velvet, wood and buff leather

Bold wallpapers, such as tropical leaves are going from strength to strength this season. Vibrant bold prints can breathe new life into rooms, big or small.

This summery botanical trend is testament that our love of nature continues to grow.

This new fabric print from Scion is brought to life by intricate stitching. The sketchbook style design picks up on the popular houseplant trend. The jade green is mixed with softer shades of yellow, pink and spiced brown – reaffirming the desaturated colour palette.

This design is part of the new ‘Botanica’ collection at Primark. The palm leaf bedding features a simple artist’s interpretation of these striking leaves. Ranging from lush green to sun-faded shades the artwork looks fresh from an artist’s sketchbook.

The brooding black background is the perfect colour to make the lush greens pop! A bold botanical print is remedy for any tired looking decor.

Marks & Spencer have taken the look in several different directions for this season – thanks to the new way of creating each design in different colorways. This cushion, is also available in a coral and mustard colourway.

This season leaf prints can be any colour, making it perfect to adapt the look to your own tastes.

Where we are seeing dominant pattern, such as this cox & Cox rug, the faded colour palette stops the look feeling overpowering.

Our homes continue to be a oasis of plants, as the trend for bringing nature into our homes grows and grows. Pinterest predict vertical Gardens are an emerging new trend, with searches up 287 per cent. Whether the vertical climb is to create more of a statement with greenery or utilising small spaces, the only way is up for plants it would seem.